Dealer Application

This custom uniform program is for dealers only with an existing active RBK/CCM Hockey account.

CCM Custom Uniforms Inc is a production partner of RBK/CCM Hockey and a Dealer Account needs to also be established with CCM Custom Uniforms Inc.

If you would like to apply for an account, please fill out the form below. Note: You must submit your existing active RBK/CCM Hockey account number in your application.

Your Credit and Payment History with RBK/CCM Hockey will determine the payment terms you receive from CCM Custom Uniforms Inc.

Download the Credit Application Here


Or Submit the dealer application buy completing the web form below.


Credit Application Form

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  • AUTHORIZED SIGNATORY (ie: Shareholder, CFO, VP Finance, etc.)

  • Banking Reference

  • Credit References

  • Declaration

    We, the undersigned (the “Applicant”), hereby declare that the information contained in this credit application is true and exact. We understand that the information provided herein will be held in strict confidence and used exclusively by Ace Sports Inc. also DBA CCM Custom Uniforms for the purpose of establishing a line of credit for the Applicant. We hereby authorize Ace Sports Inc. also DBA CCM Custom Uniforms to source any information (presently and in the future) from the companies and financial institution indicated on this credit application for the purpose of establishing, maintaining, and amending a line of credit.

    With regard to the sale of merchandise, we acknowledge and agree that CCM Custom Uniforms will remain the owner of said merchandise until full and final payment. All invoices are due and payable on the dates indicated on the invoice. We hereby agree to respect the credit terms as stipulated in the sales contract and / or purchase order and accept to pay 1.5% per month (18% per annum) interest on any overdue account. Any additional fees incurred to collect outstanding balances sent to third party collection shall be added to the balance owed. As the exclusive partner of Reebok-CCM Hockey U.S., Inc. (“RCHUS), both CCM Customs Uniforms and RCHUS reserve the right to modify, limit or suspend credit privileges in the event of failure to remit payment when due. We have read and agree to all the terms and conditions as stated above.