Our 3D Uniform Builder allows you the ability to easily configure the construction and design elements
of the uniform designs offered in our design library.

Over time the designs offered in the library will increase as we produce more unique design patterns.

Sublimation Designs are limited only to your imagination, so dream away.

Cut and Sew Designs are restricted by limited color selection and striping complexities.

Should you need a design that is not in our design library (Sublimated or Cut and Sew) contact our office
and our design team will work with you to bring your uniform ideas to life.


Our 3D Uniform Builder allows you the ability to upload your logos for placement on your design.
You can drag your logos to the desired location on the uniform rotate and resize them to your liking.

Vector artwork is the preferred format to use in the 3D Uniform builder.

The 3D uniform builder will accept the following vector artwork formats. .ai/ .eps /.cdr / .svg /.pdf – vector
The 3D uniform builder will accept the following non vector artwork formats. .jpg /.gif /.png /.pdf- non vector
None Vector artwork should be a minimum of 600 dpi

All logos submitted will need to be examined and prepared by our art staff for production readiness.

All Non vector artwork will incur a fee to prepare the artwork for production.

Color Selection

Our 3D Uniform Builder allows for many different color choices.

The color selections are based on Pantone color standards. We do not offer all the Pantone colors in our production.
We only offer the colors that can be correctly reproduced on material.

Where available the 3D Uniform Builder allows you to select from two different color pallets.

1. NHL Color Pallet – This color Pallet consists of all the current colors being used by NHL team in part of their uniforms.
it consists of 49 colors and can be used in either our sublimation or cut and sew products.

2. Pantone Color Pallet – This color Pallet consists of the Pantone colors that we can replicate in our sublimation
process. This Color Pallet is used for our sublimated products only.

CAUTION: When selecting colors from the Pantone color pallet be sure the color you select is the color you intend to choose on your final
product. Do not assume that if you purchased a sublimated product from a different supplier in the past and
intend to use the same Pantone color with us it will perfectly match on our finished product.

Any orders requiring color matching must first provide production with a sample. Depending on the circumstances, a full jersey
may be required or only a small color swatch. Once the physical sample is received, it may take up to 14 business days for
production to process and match. Color matching samples will be sent to the customer for their approval.
Note: Due to the deference in materials and color processing it may not be possible to achieve an exact color match
requested by the customer.

Custom Designs

If you do not see a design of your liking in our 3D Uniform Builder Library you can work with our design staff to complete
you custom design.

Custom designs will be provided for confirmed orders only and may incur a design fee.

To schedule a live design session with our design staff select this link below and
complete the required information and submit the request form.