Ace Sports is a leading custom apparel producer that has been rooted in performance since 1985. 

Ace Sports has re-launched our Custom Uniform Program. We are committed to making teams look their best while providing you with the service you deserve and expect from committing your teams appearance and identity to us.

One of the largest investments a club can make, teams uniforms are a critical decision all clubs face sooner or later. Making a well-informed uniform decision will provide a team great value, performance, and durability. Equally important, a uniform can establish a unique look that will help define a team “brand” recognizable throughout your league and community, act as an effective recruiting tool for new players.

We recognize that coaches and club administrators are typically volunteers who donate their valuable free time to keep sports programs running. We have developed our complete design, ordering, and delivery process to minimize the time, effort, and frustration normally experienced by clubs when Ace Sports utilizes an easy to use web based ordering system for team uniforms. The ordering system allows customers to easily enter player information, communicate specific order details and information with Ace Sports through an embedded message board, view and approve artwork prior to production, and track the build and shipping progress at the factory. Once an account is established, it will always remain active. This way, when additional pieces are required (i.e., adding a new player after receipt of the initial shipment, or addressing player turnover at the start of a new season),a past order can easily be copied to establish a new order. Over time, the entire order history can be viewed for a team, or for multiple teams within an organization.